"The positivity and excitement in your presentations is contagious.  Gives great motivation to encourage change." 

"Thank you for caring about us and wanting to help us to be healthier.  I think you have saved my teaching career more than once!" 

"Thanks for making this so positive, relevant, and inspiring."

"Tom - I enjoyed how motivated you were and that you lived  the content you taught. Fun, interesting and informative. I will use this information."

"This was one of the best classes! I will benefit greatly as a teacher and parent. Mr. Kidd provided much enthusiasm for our engagement and learning. He also provided us with practical ways to use this information. Thanks!"

"This class exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much you have no idea how much this little 2 day class has affected my confidence in my beliefs in creating relationships with students."

"Loved the class!"

"I have [already] recommended this course. 
I think its one of the best ones I've taken yet." 

"A great class. I learned so much."

"This was an awesome presentation. I am going to recommend it to all the staff in my building!"

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