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Richard Detert, Ph. D.

Richard Detert, Ph. D. is a former university professor spending 40 years in Health Education and Health Promotion as a teacher, researcher, author, and program facilitator.

He has co-authored four books on stress management and relaxation, five training manuals and has published over 40 articles. Richard has presented over a hundred professional presentations at the national, regional, state and local levels. 

Additionally, he has provided hundreds of in-services, workshops and seminars on a variety of health promotion topics blending knowledge, attitude and skill development. Richard has been honored six times by the state’s professional association for his teaching and services to the health education profession. 

During the past two decades, Richard has acquired the knowledge and skills in Chinese energy practices. He has practiced and taught Tai Chi Chi movements as an accredited teacher for 17 years. He is also an accredited teacher of Seijaku, an advanced version of T’ai Chi Chih. Dr. Detert has completed all four levels of training in Spring Forest Qigong, and most recently, completed training in Qi-sage, a combination of Chinese massage using forty-four of the meridian points in the body.

Combined with the energy practices and educational experiences, Dr. Detert has an excellent background for implementing a wide variety of health promotion programs. Dr. Detert is the owner of his own business, New Dimensions for Health and Healing.

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