Prescription for Employee Wellness

Prescription #1:
  My presentations deal with the “collective lifestyle” of your employees that will yield healthier lives and more productive workers while potentially lowering health insurance costs!

Prescription #2:  I focus on their lifestyles by making them aware of their 8 dimensions of wellness. In addition, I encourage them to concentrate on and balance their 3 main focal points in life - their professional, personal and family lives!

Prescription #3:  I truly believe that sustainable, long-lasting health actions occur from “living intentionally."  All of my presentations focus on long-lasting behavior change with intentional action growth plans, by choice!

Prescription #4:  I believe healthy decisions are made when one becomes aware of how they want to live life with that daily intention and purpose! My presentations create awareness and moves to motivate them to enable those behavior changes to occur!

Prescription #5:  I believe in this EMPLOYEE WELLNESS equation: 
Knowledge/Awareness + Life Balance + 8 Dimensional Living + Conscious and Intentional Healthy Actions = “EMPOWERED EMPLOYEES who work better, parent more effectively, enjoy life, live longer and enjoy a QUALITY lifestyle.”

SIDE EFFECTS: if prescription is given regularly
  • Rejuvenated, energized, and more passionate employees
  • Employees being more responsible for their own health/life
  • Employees enjoy a better quality of life
  • Employees live longer
  • Your company/organization flourishes
  • Health care they may need begins to diminish
  • Potentially lower health care costs

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Tom Kidd, Wellness Specialist

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