What Makes Our Programs Better?

What makes my company much different as a health/wellness employee service company?

**I provide our services face-to-face. I truly believe that employees listen more closely and become actively engaged in serious behavior change with a passionate human being speaking to them.

**I provide more trainings/presentations from a variety of areas of
wellness rather than just the physical dimension.

**I have all participants determine what stage they are in on the “Stages of Change” before they address their Conscious Intentional Action Plan.

**I strongly encourage immediate "conscious intentional action planning" for more sustainable behavior change — starting immediately from the presentation.

**I promote balance in the lives of your employees; personally,
professionally, and within their families.

**All of my presentations include practical, relevant information and skill-based
that your employees could begin implementing immediately in their

**I believe that when your employees receive health/wellness education
along with specific skill-based strategies, their families benefit too. IF
your family members and spouses of each of your employees are insured, we
believe it becomes a win-win-win situation for your company, your employees
AND their family members. I believe that truly successful companies also care
about their employee families for these reasons.