Graduate Level Classes

College Graduate-Level Courses FOR CREDIT
(for licensure renewal and practical and relevant professional development)
Local contact will assist in setting up the course for credit through a university that is requested

Available Courses (can be taught on-site at your school)

1 - Refocus, Rejuvenate, & Re-energize: Creating a more Balanced Life for Administrators/ Educators
This course provides an opportunity for you and your colleagues to re-gain the necessary passion and energy that is needed to continue to teach/parent effectively. This relevant professional development course is needed NOW than ever in education and in the lives of busy and stress-filled educators. You will be assured to become more rejuvenated personally, professionally and as a family member! You will pick up the many practical strategies that will allow you to be more energized, rejuvenated and more balanced in the 3 basic areas of your life. With your renewed life's' purpose and intentional style of living you will not only benefit personally but in your workplace, your home environment and the time spent educating your students as well!

2 - Developmental Assets: Critical Ingredients for your Students/Children to be Happy, Healthy and Successful in LIFE!
This class would address the research done by the Search Institute who has identified 40 assets (personal strengths, personality traits, building blocks, etc) that dramatically increases a child's’ opportunity to be happy, healthy and successful in life.  Educators  would not only know and understand assets but they would develop a plan to implement asset building within their classroom, home entire school district, congregation, and /or their own community. Please check with me as to when the class will be offered!

3 - Teaching More With Less Stress
This three (3) credit graduate course has been carefully designed around the research of the last fifty (50) years, which indicates that teachers as well as administrators are working in an ever-more stressful work environment.  Initially participants will be assessed to identify if they are actually overly stressed and then find out what is the primary causes of their stress really is at this point in their life.  New and relevant findings about stress and its’ effects on the entire person will be shared as well.  The 7 keys to managing your stress will be shared while those in attendance look at all 7 dimensions of their wellness and how they are attempting to balance their personal, professional and family lives.  Equally important, the course provides several practical strategies to “clear the static from the attic” so they can parent, teach and live more stress-free. The course covers a wide variety of stress-reducing instructional strategies for themselves and their students which, if followed, will result in higher student achievement levels. Finally, course participants will learn how to implement and value specific practical classroom ideas, materials, tools and activities for effective management of classroom stress and energy levels.