Workplace Wellness

We offer this customized service to facilitate trainings for a team of your employees on any health topic we offer. It is customized because it is chosen by you to fit your employee wellness programming needs. Members of your team can then offer their own presentations within your company, consistent with your employee wellness program. This provides flexibility for your team members to present new programs to specific departments or groups of employees.
**We also facilitate on-site adventure-based trainings for departments, supervisors and groups of employees. This training creates bonds, builds trust, and connects employees with each other. The carry over value to the workplace is that it enhances healthy relationships, teamwork, and greater productivity.
TIME:  45 minutes to 1.5 hrs. depending on your needs. Trainings may take longer.
AUDIENCE: Management, Dept. Heads, Employees

Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator participants will learn preferred ways of taking in information, making decisions, and how individual preferences may be viewed by others. Then, discover how to build effective teams utilizing the variety of preferences with management, colleagues, family members, or friends.
TIME:  45 minutes to 1.5 hrs. depending on your needs. Trainings may take longer.
AUDIENCE: Management, Dept. Heads, Employees

This presentation allows participants to take a deeper look at their personal strengths based on the Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. You will learn ways to communicate and create connections at work or in other relationships. Participants learn new coping strategies for handling stress and overload, conflict management skills, and ways to feel personally empowered to handle adversities in work and life. Excellent program for managers, supervisors, and employees.
TIME:  45 minutes to 1.5 hrs. depending on your needs. Trainings may take longer.
AUDIENCE: Management, Dept. Heads, Employees

This training helps leaders simultaneously improve results and employee well-being by streamlining operations while establishing a sense of unity and shared purpose. The shared purpose aligns the diverse agendas within the organizations priorities. The priority will then focus on delivering value to others. Teams will achieve more by doing less, managing stress, and improving relationships. In addition, teams will develop a sense of connection resulting in more engaged employees emphasizing non-monetary intrinsic motivators. The end result will be a company culture change that is positive, rewarding and successful for employees and the business.
TIME:  45 minutes to 1.5 hrs. depending on your needs. Trainings may take longer.
AUDIENCE: Management, Dept. Heads, Employees

What Do You Need to Know About Living Wills and the Power of Attorney?
This presentation specifically addresses the basics one should know about the need to have a Power of Attorney for Health Care document prepared and/or a written living will for your personal wishes regarding your life when decisions may be difficult to make! Wisconsin law is different than other states and facilitating this process could save you many headaches and court proceedings at a time when you may be unduly stressed.
TIME: 45 minutes-1 hr.
AUDIENCE: Interested community members/aging population/young couples/ employees /etc.

Your Wake Up Call: Living by Intention and With a Purpose!
TIME: 1.5 hrs.-2 hrs
AUDIENCE:  General population, middle aged folks between the ages of 45-65, company employees, etc.
This thought-provoking presentation addresses a "WAKE UP CALL" for yourself!  Tom will discuss how you literally want to "SPEND" the rest of your life!  He will have you think about and identify your present life priorities and have you determine if you are spending quality time ON those priorities!!!!  He'll address what he calls, a collective lifestyle, where one balances their personal, professional and family lives while focusing on ones 8 dimensions of WELLNESS! He will strongly suggest creating a bucket list and writing a life's mission statement as well!  Come and truly begin to look at YOUR LIFE and how you would like to spend it!

#123 Topic: 
Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary: Intentionally Aging Well while you Create Buckets Lists so you can Live Without Regrets!
LENGTH: 1 hr.
AUDIENCE:  Adults/Employees/General Populations

This presentation allows the participants to really begin to think about the "process" of aging at any age, intentionally doing things to aid in that process and creating achievable goals by writing bucket lists so they can live a life without regrets!  The main theme is not to be the best IN the world but the best FOR the world!  It allows the participants to look at short and long term goals, identify steps to attain and then write those goals while identifying behaviors that may prevent one from reaching those goals.  Tom will also discuss the importance of personal, family, spousal, friend and/or grandchild buckets lists as ways to really LIVE and "age well" without regrets!