Mission Statement

To provide quality employee health promotion presentations that support either an existing program or assists in initiating a new one. Focusing on 7 dimensions of a person’s well-being, we passionately address over 50 wellness topics that provide a balance for the employee’s personal, professional and family life. This will provide your business healthy, satisfied and more productive employees.

As you know, employee health/wellness is critical to the productivity and success of your organization. Research has clearly shown that employing people who live a balanced, healthy lifestyle reduces absenteeism, increases morale and productivity. Programs of this nature not only reduce overall health care costs, but sustainable programs become win-win-win for the employer, employees and their health insurers!

We would like to offer you a creative way for your company to either begin or improve upon your already existing employee health promotion program, or allow you to begin developing a new one. This could easily be done in a variety of ways, such as staff/training, “lunch-n-learn,” or with a 4 or 5 part series, or within an entire program over a period of time. Our four associates have more than 100 years of combined experience in delivering health promotion topics and programs. We are all keenly aware that just awareness and knowledge are not enough to initiate a sustained behavior change. Our health promotion program’s “Custom Menu” approach is specifically designed to assist management, administrative assistants, specific departments within your organization, and/or groups of employees within your company to sustain making positive health changes.

For your examination, we have a menu of topics that have a natural progression for an on-site health promotion program. The Custom Menu approach will allow you the ability to select specific topics that can supplement your already existing program. Or, if you are just starting an employee health promotion program, this menu approach allows you the convenience of meeting the relevant wellness needs of the employees within your organization.

As you consider our combined years of expertise, our innovative approach and enclosed program materials, we would appreciate the opportunity to visit with you or interested parties at your convenience to discuss what we can offer your organization. Details can be discussed at this time. We also recommend that you check with your health insurance company to inquire about any financial commitment to assist your company in this venture.