Contact and Pricing

Contact Information and Fees:

Contact Information
Address: 4243 Clay St. Eau Claire, WI. 54701 (715) 514-4456 (Home) (715) 456-4856 (Cell)

Employee Presentation Fees:
Fees for employee presentations are negotiated based on several options available.
Please call or e-mail for an estimate.

Keynote Only - Groups from 1-100=$700.00 Groups from 100-200 =$800.00 Groups from 200-300= $900.00 Groups larger than 300= $1000.00
Hour Breakouts After Keynotes - $500.00
1/2 Day Training (3-4 hours) - $800.00
1 Day training (5-7 hours) - $1500.00

Fees are negotiable and can be altered due to:
  • number of times giving the presentation
  • whether it is a presentation I have already developed/prepared
  • purchased past/future presentations

Mileage, room and board (if needed) is additional. Processing of any related materials can be done by the purchaser of service or will be charged accordingly as well.